Happy New Year 2016 Log Cabins LV

Happy New Year Everyone…….



Hi every one, and welcome back to my blog, yes it’s been a few weeks, but even I need a rest!

OK, I am going to start off this years Blog with a moan.

I receive so many spam emails from too many companies selling log cabins.

Now that’s not all bad, but! when they start calling themselves Nordic this and nordic that, you must ask yourself this question, why?

The company in question is based here in Lithuania, and their factories are here in the Baltics.

Now we all know that Nordic means, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland, Norden areas!

It does not mean Lithuania, Latvia, or f–king Spain.

So why does a company based in Lithuania proclaim they are from a Nordic Country!

Easy, to fool the customer into thinking they are from Scandinavia, which is supposed to mean better this and better that! A lie! Actually I am disgusted.

My company is very proud to be working here in the Baltics, I am proud of our workforce and I am proud with what we have achieved here. And I in no way would ever try and palm myself off, or my company as a Nordic Company!

So to those that are ashamed of the Baltics, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, all I can say is…—–k  off to those nordic areas you are so proudly proclaiming you are from and don’t come back!! Your a disgrace to this region!


Also stop trying to lie to the British Public! I am one and I don’t like it,

ALSO it’s called false representation and is illegal!




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