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Above is a taste of our New Economy Deluxe Insulated Panel Buildings ( Put all sheds to shame) with Our New Residential Windows and doors!

There are so many people now all selling the same kind of log cabin! They all have cheap windows and doors, they are all priced around the same price, and what is really amazing the public could get a lot better for the same price if they just did their homework and really looked deep into who sells what.

What I have noticed over the years that if you are advertising on the front page of Google, that is as a sure fire way of selling a cabin. However, what is a mystery to me is why the public purchase the first thing (cabin) they find.

Log Cabins are not really a disposable commodity! They are quite expensive to purchase, if you put them in the same category as most garden equipment, as they serve a purpose, plus you need to put foundations down, electricity etc. So purchasing one should be studied not rushed.

Log Cabins come in all shapes and sizes, yet have you noticed, apart from us, everyone is selling the same designs.

And they all have the same price point, it’s almost like it’s choreographed.

Log Cabins LV now has on offer not just the best log cabins ever to be offered as a standard package, but we also have a lot of New Dealers wanting to join us as they are fed up with their suppliers offering the same rubbish year after year!

We all know that when it rains it pours, we also know that the UK is not just wetter these days it is now colder.

Of course a cabin isn’t much cop in a flood plain, but neither is a house, however when the rain is pouring down,  this is when a bulk standard mass produced log cabin starts to have problems.

Firstly, 99.9% of log cabins have (speaking honestly) crap windows and doors, why> I think price point, but really is it price point, or is it down to greed-profit?

We looked very carefully at our New Deluxe Range of log cabins, we looked how we could really offer better for less.

I have done a lot of looking around the web, and looking at what companies can actually offer and what the price points are.

Most companies charge in the region of 1200, to 1500 for a Residential Double Door, and between 300 to 500 for a Residential Window.

What kind of quality these are is another matter, and if they are certified most don’t say, however, the price of these doors and windows are ludicrous.

Our New Clock House has 8 residential Windows and I residential double Door- all double glazed, tilt and turn certified,. The selling price from our dealers for the Clock House is £4980 delivered. If we were to calculate taking the lower price point from the other companies for the windows and door, then just an upgrade for their residential windows and doors would cost about £3000+.So where is the transport, profit, tax etc, see where I am coming from?

Then you have to take into account fitting a window of that quality onto a 45mm wall log, now that is a completely different story, as that takes money, skill and dedication.

And all this is something we have done and are now offering.

If you truly want the best log cabins for your customers, then offering them anything less than this new breed of cabin is criminal!


Log Cabins LV.. And All Our Partners.

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