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When you just know the person is wrong!

All bad today sadly!

OK, customers, and the ones you want and the ones you don’t, the ones that lie and waste time and the ones that just buy, pay, get the log cabin, pod, delivered and are happy.
OK, lets start with Mr X, he asked me for 18 prices, 18, and each cabin progressively became more and more expensive, and like most people who are unsure of what they want they go for bigger and bigger, however, when they say the own a plane, and you think, they don’t tell you but in the back ground you can hear planes, your thinking, ok this massive 15m x 5.5m twinskin had better be heavy, so mother nature does not blow it away, so you twin skin it, make the roof heavy and just make sure the cabin is fit for purpose, not a a pile of crap,

As you can see , there is a lot of area for the wind to build up both sides, and if you know anything about buildings, this building, theoretically could blow over, or the roof could be completely ripped off , which is a-lot of weight and wood flying about in the wind remember everything is possible, and a twin skin version of this with out heavy roof, tie downs, metal rods going through the walls, in 44mm x 44mm, is about £25.000, with all the extras, and double roof and heavy glulam purlins and really getting this building near to build standards, close on £30.000, and it will not blow over, loose a roof, we have added toughened double glazed tilt and turn windows and doors, insulated the middle from the two sides, this building is simply the best , we know the and no one can touch the quality of the build, design or the pedigree .And if I designed it, it must be the best, I look for what can go wrong first, this eye to detail means my cabins last longer than anyones. I was told yesterday that our prices are very keen compared to the rest of the market.
So Mr X I have planes took one look at the price was extremely rude, and said do not phone back. Now the only upsetting thing about this , is getting my boys who work extremely hard to price up so many buildings, waste of time and energy. And MrX now is left getting his building from the low end , budget end of the market! but he will still have to pay 20+ as he has no clue what costs what!

So please if you call us, do not waste our time, your time, tell us what you want, how much you have to spend and lets move on! Thanks.

Arrrrrrrrr last thing, when you see a cabin that has a base like this, run……. talk about BAD!!!! This is awful…. If I was the customer to this cabin I would have demanded my money back for both base and cabin.the base should always be the same size as the cabin walls, flush, there must not be a sill anywhere around the bottom, otherwise you get water ingress underneath the cabin equals rot. This was built by an idiot. Its called “ingamess” in most baltic companies, means i do not know what I am doing.

We have a copy of the site page this comes from, and what they are bragging to have done, at the moment its —-ing crap! If I were this compnay I would concentrate on what you know, not what you don’t. And sorry if you are the customers who bought this….

Designed and Manufaturered by a Britt, For a Britt to go into a British Garden!

Please remember back in 2014 i was warning people about good and bad, way before 90% of the market existed, helping people, telling people the truth. please read this……

Its Old, its gospel and it still applies today as it applied back 8 years ago………. Imagine….

Hard Customers.

You know you get these days when you just want to shout and say, your design is crap, its going to fall down, and you have too many windows and its too thin, and you want it for nothing, and you want the best and you moan at the price and all the time, we, me, are thinking actually it was a we, as three of us all thought, fuck this design is dangerous and shit. But what can you say, you try and help, but all you get is the customer really not listening, and not believing because he has spent hours listening to wankers on the phone who know nothing about cabins, and boring the poor customer to suicide, and then when he actually lands on our pages and says why are you slightly more than the worst fucking company in Lithuania, I just sit back in shock and am mortified.

Log Cabins are not easy to design, and in this day and age, they are really hard things to manufacture as most of the components are hard to find, thats the quality parts, we only use quality, the cheap crap, is everywhere, most bulk mills will have containers and containers of rubbish handles and doors, and why are we not as cheap as these other mills, simple….


You want your Cabin to come with quality attached at every level and pay for it, you would go to Harrods.
If you were looking for a cheap, off the self, OK cabin, where would you go, Tescos.

And thats the difference from us to them.

Simple look at this.

Take a look at the first 2 photos, you might think, they look ok, looks good quality, and the price OK… Well you are deluded or on a £4 budget, as these are the worst hinges and worst doors for a good quality log cabin which were ever manufactured. Awful….
Nothing even looks remotely hard wearing or robust……….

Now check these out, these are our standard doors and windows, and this is just the beginning on why we are picked time and time again , because our quality is second to none, there are companies out their now copying our look, but a copy handbag is a copy handbag!

All hardware German.
All windows and doors Aluminium rain drip trays x 2 on windows.
Windows fitted with a 5 point locking tilt and turn system.
Doors also come with 5 point locking system.

Before we tell you, you tell us what size purlins the compnay your thinking of buying from offer in their price, these hold the roof up. Important.

Lastly yes, we are lucky to say we pick our customers, we get about 30 requests a week, we pick just 10 from these. I might say yes and then have a customer start demanding, this equals returned deposit immediately. If you want the best then you play by our rules, which are exceptionally fair, if you don’t then go and buy the crap out there which is for sale! I do not care, my customers are important to me, if your not one of mine, then i am not loosing any sleep over if your cabin is safe, if everything is quality. if it gets to you on time, all bit and bobs with it, and making sure delivery is a pleasant exsperiance for you. And at no time allowing anyone to be rude to you. A zero free Drama way of getting a cabin, no middle men.And as more and more customers are coming direct, paying with a credit card and understanding its the best way to get the best of the best, and luckily i am speaking to people I like.

We are a British Company, we also have a British Merchant account, which you pay directly into with your visa or debit card. You are not paying into a foreign bank, which I would strictly suggest against doing, I won’t even do that. So with Factory Cabins you are getting it direct from us here in Lithuania, but the best part its paid into a UK bank.

Please remember it was us 21 years ago that put the first 40mm 5m x 5m super star log cabin onto the market, then we designed the clock house, then the twin skins and 28mm flooring and the mad thing we did was design over 7000 cabins. which means we have more designs made already than other company. It means we know our stuff.

Please look at our windows and doors and the other companies, and you will see ours are designed to last and the other companies are designed for bonfire night.
It really depends on how proud you are on what you manufacture.

Before you buy a cabin, please come to us and compare, get all there details and then get ours and we will beat them hands down for quality each and every time.

And Lastly if your buying rubbish, cheap mass produced crap like a £299 pound shed….. just think if the tree that had to be cut for that shed to be made , sawn up was worth all that effort.

Deluxe Residential Log Cabins


quality residential log cabins

residential twinskin log cabins- twinskin cabins- residential log cabins

If you are looking for a quality bespoke custom made residential log cabin, then please have a look at our huge range, we are able to offer not just amazing quality but also unbeatable pricing.

Deluxe Residential Log Cabin LV 2016 2

There are so many companies offering residential log cabins now on the internet, yet if you were to really start from base bearers up and examine the full specification on most so called residential log cabins, you may be shocked to learn that 99.9% of residential log cabins are actually not!

Deluxe Residential Log Cabin LV 2016 3

Firstly, its impossible to get a twin skin log cabin 44mm x 44mm through building regulations, as firstly the timber will not stand up any form of stat rating, and sadly the timber is not thick enough, there are some companies that will offer this as a residential size, pass these companies by, and look for companies that actually understand what they are talking about.


80mm x 80mm glulam with 150mm insulation is actually the thinnest one could go to meet building regulations, sadly though there are not many companies that offer this kind of engineered timber.


Glulam logs must be manufactured using non-toxic glue, must be manufactured under accreditation, and have grading values. This is necessary unless you want your logs to split at the ends and the whole cabin to fail.


Sadly a lot of mills that manufacturer Log cabins are just that, and to cut costs they will manufacturer their own glulam using off cuts and ungraded timber.


How can you know, well, if your cabin shows up and the longest log say 6m in length has more than 2 bits of timber in it, then its home made, also you are able to ask the mill for accreditation and grading on their logs, if they are unable to offer this, then my suggestion is to stay well clear!


As always I always say we are the best, and I am sure a lot of you are fed up with hearing this, but at we do try and do our best to offer the best, not the cheapest. I would rather sell 10 less cabins a week by telling the truth and offering better, than offer crap and have 10 miserable customers asking themselves what the f—k have they bought!


Unlike most log cabin companies that just stand still offering the same old models year after year, Log Cabins LV moves forward, pushing the quality always forward and upwards, offering high quality buildings-Log Cabins.

This year with our New Deluxe Range we have we believed hit the highest point any cabin company has ever reached.

Firstly we can offer as standard certified double glazed tilt and turn residential windows and high quality, insulated double, single doors, spray painted to your choice of color.

We are able to offer residential log cabins with full building regulations; we can offer a professional fixing team to install.


Sadly in the UK most fixing teams that install log cabins are sadly not skilled enough to install our new deluxe range, we have now had to retrain our fixing teams to understand how to assemble a quality log cabin.


Sadly a lot of fixing-assembly teams believe a nail gun can solve most problems, when in doubt, nail, if in doubt, nail. This is one reason why so many log cabins last such a short time as the way they were assembled hastily and badly.

Our deluxe log cabins are not just amazing, they are the first ever log cabins manufactured by a house manufacturer, and because of this the quality and build skill is not coming from a converted pig sty in Kaunas, but a factory that understand how to manufacture quality.


Our NEW Deluxe Residential Log Cabins are unequal and are built to last a life time.

If you are looking for a company that actually tells the truth, is willing to help you through planning and other issues you may have, then Log Cabins LV is here to help!

Log Cabins LV the sensible choice!

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