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Micro Houses

Micro Houses, are with out doubt the way forward in affordable living. In the not so distant future the UK Government will allow first time buyers as the Swedish Government has allowed under the new EU law to build a permanent structure in the garden, not over 25 sq meters in size and not above 4 meters in height.

Also the planning permission for these buildings will not be needed. This then takes the strain from local government to build in green areas, and first time buyers have a chance of owning their own Little place with out having to pay absolutely ridicules rents, to greedy landlords.

We have looked very closely at this new emerging market,  and as always logcabinslv.co.uk has come first into the design arena with very workable, quality, timber frame, Norther Siberian Larch buildings. Highly insulated, and worthy of our brand!

We have decided to build our Micro Houses with the very best of timbers available, all structural timber is C24, the whole Micro House is very Highly Insulated,only the best CE certified Residential Windows and Doors.and built to the Euro 5 code and beyond.

Why have we put so much into such a little building, well! thats a simple one to answer! We want it to have a re-sellable value. Why spend thousands on a timber building if you are going to loose your investment, we are not manufacturers of caravans, we are a house builder firstly, and we believe that all houses be them little or large need to have a re-sellable value.

Our Houses are built to a very , very high standard, and the same applies to our micro houses.

So your investment is safe.

Here is a typical spec sheet for our Micro Houses..

Main construction:


• Exterior walls: segments consisting of framework 45×145 mm, impregnated gypsum plates as wind isolation, 2 cm air gap, lathing 45×45 mm for vertical outside panel, 20 mm horizontal larch panel, oiled 3 times, fully prepared openings for window and door installation, with standard outside lists stained as outside panel and window sills covered with metal plates. In free lengths: 150 mm KNAUF insulation, 0.2 mm plastic film, lathing for the piping and cable gap 45×45 mm, 50 mm KNAUF insulation and 12.5 mm gypsum plate, 10 mm chipboard for the WC, bathroom and kitchen.

Bitumen hydro isolation between the walls and foundation is included.

·       Interior walls: segments consisting of framework 45×95 mm; in free lengths: 100 mm KNAUF insulation, 12.5 mm gypsum plate and 10 mm chipboard for the bathroom, WC and kitchen.

·       Floor: pine floor boards, 22mm chipboard on top of the wooden balks, 45x195mm, c/c 600mm wooden balks, additional glue-lam beam, 12mm chipboard under glue-lam balks.

·       Roof: precut rafters 45x220mm; in free lengths: 12.5mm gypsum panel, 50mm KNAUF insulation, 45×45 lathing for cables extra insulation, 0,2mm plastic film, 200mm KNAUF insulation into the rafters, diffusion film, 45×45 lathing for final roof cover. Final roof cover is not included.

·       Rain gutters system: made of coated steel.

·       Boards for covering outside joints of segments, wind boards and panel boards for covering the bottom outside of the roof in free lengths, painted as outside panel.


Windows and doors:


·       Windows: wooden frame windows with triple glazed package, European-type – outward opening, with handles, painted white. Lists for the windows from inside are not included.

·       Doors: wooden framed sliding entrance doors are included. Wooden inside doors made glued pinewood with impregnated MDF fillings, with simple locks (without handles), primed and painted white Lists for the doors from inside are not included.

·       Metal materials needed for segment assembling: screws, nails, anchoring bolts, metal plates.

If you would like to know more about our Micro Houses please send us an email today!

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