Park Homes-Mobile Homes UK will over the next 12 months bring to market a few new and very special products. Firstly we will have on display in Dorset and Grantham in the UK, the UK’s first Passive Park Homes, at a price that will make your Jaw drop.

Our New Highly insulated Park homes-Holiday Homes and not just built to the whimsy BS 3632 build code, or to the highly insufficient UK building regulations, and also way higher than the New Euro 5 code, we have designed these buildings to be incredibly highly efficient, highly desirable, minimalistic, functional, and kitted out with a platinum service pack. Marble/Granite worktops, wet rooms, built in cupboards and so very much more.

There are too many building companies that offer rubbish, hiding behind building regulations, and we are fed up with seeing second hand park homes- mobile homes being sold for 1/10 of their value 10 years after they were purchased.

As we are all aware, each and every year the government is raising U values, and build standards, so we have decided to raise them to a height that is 30 years in front, by doing the math on how the EU-UK decides on build code we believe our formula is ground breaking for this industry, but still keeping the prices low. Moreover, keeping your investment safe.

We will be offering with all our new Park Homes-Mobile Homes EPC certificates..

Our New Range of Park Homes-Mobile Homes have had two qualified architects working 1 year at great cost to us, to come up with what we believe is the future of mobile homes-park homes!

We believe it is sometimes best to pay a little more to get back your investment rather than loose nearly everything. Why purchase a mobile home, park home that will loose its value at a rate of £500 a month?

In addition, do you want your park home to be built as if it were a glorified caravan, or a real timber frame highly insulated house?

We are a House manufacturer, we manufacture everything inside our factory, and the panels are delivered to site finished, which means, Mother Nature cannot harm them.

Our Park Homes- Mobile Homes will be solid in construction, all our timber is CE KD FSC C24 graded which is used throughout? Quality timber laminated residential spec windows and doors, triple glazed, and a massive choice of different external cladding, including Northern Russian Siberian Larch. We also offer many different internal claddings.

All our new range of Mobile Homes-Park Homes will be totally bespoke, which you can sit down and tell our experienced UK partners what you would like, where you would like it and what finish you would like also! Long gone are the days of park homes- mobile homes having small bedrooms, thin walls, pathetic windows and doors, and what we call gas guzzling heating bills.

The Future is our New Range soon to be on display! For more information, please send us an email or give us a call!

Very soon the rules will be changed when it comes to having to purchase your Park Home solely from the owner of the land, and you being allowed to purchase yourself the Park House-Mobile House  you want, rather than being blackmailed into buying a pile of crap for a fortune!

I think there will be a lot of parks that will very soon want better homes on their site, not all the same Wendy house looking structures that are wafer thin, and totally inadequate! Its time we protected our retired elderly, not blatantly and openly stealing from them! We all one day will want a nice home to relax and say I did my bit, not have leaking ceilings, and high gas bills! ARRRRR not forgetting…and loose everything we ever made on selling our first, and last house to a Park Home Salesman!

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