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Hard Customers.

You know you get these days when you just want to shout and say, your design is crap, its going to fall down, and you have too many windows and its too thin, and you want it for nothing, and you want the best and you moan at the price and all the time, we, me, are thinking actually it was a we, as three of us all thought, fuck this design is dangerous and shit. But what can you say, you try and help, but all you get is the customer really not listening, and not believing because he has spent hours listening to wankers on the phone who know nothing about cabins, and boring the poor customer to suicide, and then when he actually lands on our pages and says why are you slightly more than the worst fucking company in Lithuania, I just sit back in shock and am mortified.

Log Cabins are not easy to design, and in this day and age, they are really hard things to manufacture as most of the components are hard to find, thats the quality parts, we only use quality, the cheap crap, is everywhere, most bulk mills will have containers and containers of rubbish handles and doors, and why are we not as cheap as these other mills, simple….


You want your Cabin to come with quality attached at every level and pay for it, you would go to Harrods.
If you were looking for a cheap, off the self, OK cabin, where would you go, Tescos.

And thats the difference from us to them.

Simple look at this.

Take a look at the first 2 photos, you might think, they look ok, looks good quality, and the price OK… Well you are deluded or on a £4 budget, as these are the worst hinges and worst doors for a good quality log cabin which were ever manufactured. Awful….
Nothing even looks remotely hard wearing or robust……….

Now check these out, these are our standard doors and windows, and this is just the beginning on why we are picked time and time again , because our quality is second to none, there are companies out their now copying our look, but a copy handbag is a copy handbag!

All hardware German.
All windows and doors Aluminium rain drip trays x 2 on windows.
Windows fitted with a 5 point locking tilt and turn system.
Doors also come with 5 point locking system.

Before we tell you, you tell us what size purlins the compnay your thinking of buying from offer in their price, these hold the roof up. Important.

Lastly yes, we are lucky to say we pick our customers, we get about 30 requests a week, we pick just 10 from these. I might say yes and then have a customer start demanding, this equals returned deposit immediately. If you want the best then you play by our rules, which are exceptionally fair, if you don’t then go and buy the crap out there which is for sale! I do not care, my customers are important to me, if your not one of mine, then i am not loosing any sleep over if your cabin is safe, if everything is quality. if it gets to you on time, all bit and bobs with it, and making sure delivery is a pleasant exsperiance for you. And at no time allowing anyone to be rude to you. A zero free Drama way of getting a cabin, no middle men.And as more and more customers are coming direct, paying with a credit card and understanding its the best way to get the best of the best, and luckily i am speaking to people I like.

We are a British Company, we also have a British Merchant account, which you pay directly into with your visa or debit card. You are not paying into a foreign bank, which I would strictly suggest against doing, I won’t even do that. So with Factory Cabins you are getting it direct from us here in Lithuania, but the best part its paid into a UK bank.

Please remember it was us 21 years ago that put the first 40mm 5m x 5m super star log cabin onto the market, then we designed the clock house, then the twin skins and 28mm flooring and the mad thing we did was design over 7000 cabins. which means we have more designs made already than other company. It means we know our stuff.

Please look at our windows and doors and the other companies, and you will see ours are designed to last and the other companies are designed for bonfire night.
It really depends on how proud you are on what you manufacture.

Before you buy a cabin, please come to us and compare, get all there details and then get ours and we will beat them hands down for quality each and every time.

And Lastly if your buying rubbish, cheap mass produced crap like a £299 pound shed….. just think if the tree that had to be cut for that shed to be made , sawn up was worth all that effort.

Dutch Barn Roof Log Cabins 2016

Quality Dutch barn Roof Log Cabins LV

Dutch Barn Log Cabins

Over the years Log Cabins LV has designed some pretty awesome garden buildings, some would say that our Clock House Log Cabin design, others would say it was our Twin Skin Log Cabins, others was our Quality Camping pods, and of course not forgetting our amazing Timber Frame Passive Park Homes that are not just ground breaking, they are also going to put the money back into their pockets come time they need to go into full time care!

Getting back to our designs, our New Deluxe Dutch Barn Log Cabins are very aesthetic to look at and this new range is manufactured as always to a very high LV standard.

The build quality is as always in our new Deluxe Range exceptional, with residential windows and doors, sprayed in 10 different colours, please speak to our dealers for more information regarding this.

The cut of the timber, the manufacturing process and care at which we build each and every cabin is given makes us the leading brand.

Log Cabins LV works tirelessly each and every day to bring better, and new to the garden market.

If you are in doubt about which dealer to speak to, please give us a call today!

Log Cabins LV, putting our customers first!

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DF Deluxe Log Cabins 2016

DF Deluxe Log Cabins

deluxe log cabins

deluxe log cabins

Deluxe Log Cabins 2016  9988 Deluxe Log Cabins 2016  9989 Deluxe Log Cabins 2016  9990 Deluxe Log Cabins 2016  9991 Deluxe Log Cabins 2016  9992 Deluxe Log Cabins 2016  9993 Deluxe Log Cabins 2016  9994

Are you fed up with trawling the web and finding nothing but the same cheap mass-produced log cabins?

Deluxe Log Cabins 2016  9996

Are you looking for a log cabin that is simply a cut above the rest and is manufactured better than anything else on the Internet?

Deluxe Log Cabins 2016  9995

Well! We at log cabins LV now offer truly amazing log cabins that put everything else to shame!

Deluxe Log Cabins 2016  9997

Our New Deluxe Range of Log Cabins is quite simply the best garden log cabins for sale anywhere on the globe.

Deluxe Log Cabins 2016  9998

The standard of build the quality of the workmanship and the windows and doors are the talk of the industry.

Deluxe Log Cabins 2016  9999

If you are looking for the best, then please call Log Cabins LV

Log Cabins LV the sensible choice!

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Quality Bi Folding Doors For Log Cabins

Log Cabins LV Bi Folding Doors  1

Quality Bi Folding Doors are almost impossible to find in this industry and the reason for this is that most mills sadly do not have the manufacturing know how or the skill of staff to be able to offer a quality log cabin with high quality bi folding doors that actually are fit for purpose.

Log Cabins LV Bi Folding Doors  2As the only company in the industry that offers certified BM Trada windows and doors as standard with our new deluxe range of cabins, you can be assured of not just quality, but fair pricing and as always our partners will help you from the order to the last day of the build!

Our dealers/partners are with out doubt the best of the best in the industry; also our dealers are the only ones that are able to offer you a 3m x 3m in 34mm up to a passive house.

Log Cabins LV Bi Folding Doors  3We have the largest skill set of dealerships in Europe, and because of this, we are able to offer so many different products with utter confidence that the LV dealer will be able to provide you with help from the beginning until the end!

Log Cabins LV Bi Folding Doors  4So if you are thinking of purchasing a log cabin for a garden office, or just a small one bed log cabin to live in, and you are looking for a company that can offer high quality log cabins with bi folding doors, then please choose us to speak to first.

Log Cabins LV the sensible choice!

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Log Cabins in Scotland 2016

Quality Log Cabins in Scotland

Log Cabins in Scotland

Log Cabins 8.0m x 3.5m 2 Log Cabins 8.0m x 3.5m 3 Log Cabins 8.0m x 3.5m 4 Log Cabins 8.0m x 3.5m 5

amazing log cabins for scotland

quality log cabins for scotland

Log Cabins Scotland 02 Log Cabins Scotland 03 Log Cabins Scotland 04 Log Cabins Scotland 05 Log Cabins Scotland 06 Log Cabins Scotland 07 Log Cabins Scotland 08 Log Cabins Scotland 10 Log Cabins Scotland 11 Log Cabins Scotland 13 Log Cabins Scotland 15 Log Cabins Scotland 16 Log Cabins Scotland 17 Log Cabins Scotland 18 Log Cabins Scotland 19 Log Cabins Scotland 20Over the years, we have sold thousands of log cabins into Scotland.

However, over the last ten years we have found that Scotland is not just getting wetter the wind is also becoming extremely ferocious in the winter, which is causing concern to many cabin owners.

There are many companies in Scotland that refuse to sell 28mm and 34mm log cabins due to the fact that they tend to leak, blow away and that complaints a fourth coming on a daily basis.

34mm log cabins are great as small storage sheds, bin covers, bike sheds, or to store your lawn mower.

45mm log cabins are great in all weathers if the manufacturer you purchase yours from offers all the necessary parts.

Firstly, the windows and doors should be of residential standard, which means they are certified, and are produced to be watertight. This is accomplished through correct manufacturing, using the correct amount of mastic when applying the double glazed unit to the frame, and making sure the hardware is fit for purpose.

Residential windows and doors as standard in 45mm log cabins are incredibly hard to find as standard. deluxe Range Of Log Cabins !

In addition, there is no company in the Log Cabin business apart from us that offers stainless steel tie down rods for the corners as standard for 45mm log cabins.

What we have achieved with our standard deluxe cabins, and all the extras, and the low pricing is actually unheard of.

There are now companies offering to spray your windows any color, but!! these windows are not certified and are not built to withstand mother nature.

If you live in Scotland, and are looking for a Log Cabin, then please send us an email, we have dealers, top, middle and bottom, and we’ll make sure your LV dealer is experienced. Polite and extra helpful.

Log Cabins LV has the best dealerships in the UK, we are in Hastings, Poole,  London, and Scotland also on the Isle Of Man to name just a few, we cover the whole of Ireland and Europe, Australia, America, Canada, and we are expanding monthly. Our Cabins can be found almost everywhere, we are known for fairness in price, quality in our manufacturing.

Regarding purchasing Cabins, Timber Buildings or any item from Self Employed Dealers. Resellers,  who sell our LV or FC brand, if you went to the Self Employed Dealers, reseller,  first, please do not come to us, if you have a question, concerns please call us, but as they are resellers, we are unable to do anything legally to them regarding their prices , Please remember and do not forget a business needs earn money, we can say what we think they should be sold at, but we cannot by law demand they sell it at what we think. So, it’s always best to look at other websites, and please remember our cabins are high quality, so like for like pricing will be difficult, but there are a few companies out there that are the same nearly as ours and you can gauge if the pricing if fair or not.

I say this all the time, pay with a credit card………. It keeps you safe.

We have no claim or claims to our dealerships working practises, or who and what they do. We are not responsible for deposits they may take, and we are not responsible for broken doors, windows, or bad workmanship, fitted kitchens, bad fitted bathrooms etc, we however would like to be told this in writing so we can take the matter to the company concerned and ask them to help you with your concerns.

When we deliver a cabin to our resellers, they are the owner of that cabin, timber building etc, until they give it to you, you don’t even own it, once its delivered to you, you sign for it, but before you do, inspect it, you can refuse to sign for it if there is damage. The law is on your side, however if you have had a bespoke cabin made for you, and there are missing parts, or a broken door, you cannot return this, the company (reseller) has 28 days, or whatever his T and C’s  say in which to fix your Log Cabin. We have some amazing resellers, and they will bend over to help you have that amazing cabin in your garden.

Here is a note to everyone, only buy a cabin if your job is secure, and you can afford it, as most cabins are bespoke manufactured for you, refunds are almost impossible. So please beware of this.

Please take note, please,please always ask if you can pay with a credit card.

Thank you for reading.

For more information please call us or send us an email.

Log cabins LV the sensible choice!

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Log Cabins LV 2016


Log Cabins- cabins- cabin- timber buildings- quality buildings- deluxe Log Cabins-timber sheds

Log Cabins- cabins- cabin- timber buildings- quality buildings- deluxe Log Cabins

Are you looking for a log cabin that really is a cut above the rest, a log cabin that truly is built to last?

We say in the industry, buy cheap buy twice, and this is completely directed towards all the bulk manufacturers that manufacture cheap off the shelf log cabins, (if that’s how you describe wasting pallet timber).


Log Cabins LV is the only company that actually has a Deluxe Standard Range. I know this is a crazy way of describing a Deluxe Range of log cabins, but they are Deluxe Cabins, fully specked out, with all the bells and whistles and we have decided to sell them as a standard range.

Oak thresholds, Residential Double Glazed Tilt and Turn Windows and Solid, Residential standard doors, fully insulated with CE-Trada Certification.

There is absolutely nothing better offered any where as a standard log cabin.

Plus not forgetting over sized purlins and a cabin that is truly manufactured by one of the most successful, skilled manufacturing plants of log cabins in this end of the World!


I know this is going to infuriate all the other manufacturers, as they will now need to go back to the drawing board and work out how they can offer to their customer base such a very high quality standard log cabin with everything we have, and compete (They can’t and won’t)


As I know, there aren’t any Log Cabin manufacturers on the market that manufactures Joinery Glulam Residential Trada, CE certified Windows and Doors.

So! Why? Is our deluxe range of Log Cabins so much better than the rest?


Firstly, we have more experience than any other manufacturer at manufacturing log cabins, we do not just mass produce 45mm log cabins as a business unlike 99.9% of the industry, we also manufacture Hand Made Norwegian Log Cabins, which are made using chainsaws by our highly skilled staff, Timber Frame Housing, Passive Housing which we supply to the Norwegian market sizes vary from 150 sq meters to 450 sq meters approximately 6 to 8 houses monthly!

Our Camping Pods which adorn so many camps sites through out Europe, we have fitted out 2 parks with over 100 pods, making us the largest camping pod manufacturer in the business.

Also BBQ Huts, our Huts are with out doubt the most reasonably priced BBQ huts in the business.

With their ergonomic walls, makes having a BBQ in your garden positively Fun and incredibly comfortable!


Secondly, we have invested heavily into training our staff; we now have highly skilled work force of joiners, carpenters, and operators, plus investment into CNC machinery which then truly turns our timber supply from raw material into positively amazing high quality Windows and Doors-Dwellings-Log Cabins-Camping Pods and so very much more!

If you are thinking of purchasing a log cabin, need help? Want and chat?

Please do not hesitate to give us a call! We have the most skilled dealers in the UK-Europe!

Log cabins LV the sensible choice!

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The Most Sought after Range Of Deluxe Standard Log Cabins in Europe!


We are so incredibly pleased to announce that we have our New for 2016 deluxe Standard Range of Log Cabin designs finished and ready for offer in January!

Our New range of over 100 Deluxe Log cabins, many are under 2.5 in height, and many old favorites now reintroduced and now are just a lot better!

The reason we say Standard Deluxe Range is our that our quality is simply Deluxe, and is way above anything offered on the Internet, or in any Garden Centre and Log Cabin outlet or other Log Cabin manufacturer.


Many companies on the web scream loudly that you cannot buy better!

Well! Now you can!

Have you noticed as you trawl through the Internet, that most of the log cabins are manufactured using the same techniques?

We ourselves offer this same manufacturing technique, as price is the factor here.

However what we have done is really look at how we can better our log cabins, how we can make them the best they can be, a Deluxe Range, that can be offered under our standard pricing structure.

residential log cabin windows and doors


Deluxe Quality windows and doors, log cabins, LV   03 Deluxe Quality windows and doors, log cabins, LV   01 Deluxe Quality windows and doors, log cabins, LV   04 Deluxe Quality windows and doors, log cabins, LV   05 Deluxe Quality windows and doors, log cabins, LV   06 Deluxe Quality windows and doors, log cabins, LV   07 Deluxe Quality windows and doors, log cabins, LV   08 Deluxe Quality windows and doors, log cabins, LV   09 Deluxe Quality windows and doors, log cabins, LV   10 Deluxe Quality windows and doors, log cabins, LV   11 Deluxe Quality windows and doors, log cabins, LV   12 Deluxe Quality windows and doors, log cabins, LV   13

Investing heavily in new machinery, blades etc, meant we were able to shrink our residential standard window and door frames down from 110mm to 44mm, But! Still offering our quality, still offering strength, and still offering our guarantees!


One of the reasons why I write so many articles, blogs, about our new windows and doors, I think is to help the public understand that most log cabin bodies are simply the same, a 45mm log is a 45mm log.

The notching, molding and machining can vary differently, but!!! It is quite difficult to mess up wall logs! Actually, I have seen a few cabins where the machine operator must have fallen asleep or been drunk, as the word square could not have been associated with these cabins!


Some tell tale signs of lesser quality can be found when looking at the floor and roof board quality.

I hear there are some companies offering 19mm, 20mm thickness flooring, this is sadly inadequate, but these Log cabins are manufactured to be price driven, and are in all honesty (crap).


There are Dutch and German companies in name only that manufacture now in Poland and Estonia, their quality level is good, but their sales force spell bind the customers with grandeur and quality level’s that quite frankly are not there, and over charge greedily!


Log Cabins LV will utterly, completely, upset the Log Cabins industry in January, our quality and price will not just put the cat among the pigeons, it will show the public who is fleecing them, and who is not!!


More to follow!!! the sensible choice!!!

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Log Cabins LV The Only Choice!

Deluxe Quality Log Cabins LV

Deluxe Quality Log Cabins LV -log cabins LV. logcabins

Looking through most websites you will notice that upgrading is the term used for up sale, which means spend more!

Log Cabins LV do not Up Sale, we do a Quality Standard!

Quality Standard Log Cabins are about as rare a Rocking Horse Pooh!


Purchasing a Quality Log Cabin is like walking in a minefield blind folded, as caution is needed through out the whole process.


When purchasing a Log cabin you will want to speak to an expert, and in this industry they are greatly in short supply.


As always I tend to put a dark cloud over the cabin market, but when you are speaking to Mr. Smith from company X who has never in his life walked in a Russian Forest, or heard a molder day after day, or smelt the timber fresh out of the kilns, or even understands slightly how a tree grows, then how is this man from company X can speak to you about the benefits of purchasing a log cabin.


Understanding the timber, from which you log cabin are manufactured, is with out doubt the most important part of the whole production of the cabin walls, roof and floor.

log cabins lv the number one for logcabins and timber buildings

amazing quality windows and doors for log cabins from

Log Cabins are normally manufactured from either Pine or Spruce, depending on the time of year, pine is preferred by some mills, and spruce others, most bulk manufactures mixed species, which is OK if you a purchasing a cheap 19mm log cabin with an age expectancy of 3 years, otherwise stay clear of mixed species Log Cabins. Ask the company concerned if they mix, they must tell you as part of your rights as a consumer.


Next, windows and doors, yes I know I go on and on about windows and doors, but our Amazing Quality Deluxe log cabins windows and doors, that will come standard, in our new Deluxe Range coming in January 2016, will be the most amazing standard range of log cabins ever to be introduced to the public.


What makes a quality set of doors and windows is the timber used.

The ingredient is laminated quality joinery timber.


This stops the windows and especially doors from ever twisting, warping and staying true to form.


This kind of manufacturing comes under the heading of Residential Quality, and for this most companies charge anything from 800 pounds for doors, and 350 for windows. We also spray our windows, by machine, also our windows and doors are CE certified and are approved by BM Trada!


The BM Trada certification means Doors and Windows fulfill a number of critical functions in buildings, including protection from fire, intruders and the elements, all whilst continuing to operate effectively and with minimal maintenance.


Log Cabins LV the sensible choice!


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Deluxe Log Cabins From LV

Log Cabins Deluxe Windows and doors

Log Cabins Deluxe Windows and doors

Deluxe Log Cabins Windows and Doors  6 Deluxe Log Cabins Windows and Doors  9 Deluxe Log Cabins Windows and Doors  1 Deluxe Log Cabins Windows and Doors  2 Deluxe Log Cabins Windows and Doors  3 Deluxe Log Cabins Windows and Doors  4 Deluxe Log Cabins Windows and Doors  7 Deluxe Log Cabins Windows and Doors  8

Quality Log Cabins, that is a key word so many companies use to advertise their cabins on the Internet.

But? Is the word “Quality” being misused?


There are so many ways to find out if the log cabin you are thinking of purchasing is high end a budget or a rip off completely on price!


Firstly, just because a log cabin is manufactured in Sweden, Finland or Germany, it does not mean the quality is higher from that of the Baltic’s or Russia.


In most cases, the products coming from the Baltic’s like windows and doors, and log cabins are actually better, as the price is lower, plus the timber is better, and not forgetting we do not have high taxes which means our pricing is normal, not inflated such as Sweden and Finland.


Most people believe that if the price is higher, then so is the quality, absolute rubbish!


Take for instance one company proclaiming to be German, who manufacturer in Poland and they do actually manufacture quite good Log cabins ( this I will agree on), but they sell them to their customers for an extortionate sum, and I mean that quite literally. I will be the first to say this,, they are greedy bastards!


If you take a normal 5m x 5m with standard normal double glazing etc, costing from most other companies would be around £5500 delivered in 44mm log thickness, then our German company will charge £2.500 more, because you are made to believe by their dealer outlets that the quality is so superior than other cabins, this is absolute rubbish.


I personally have spoke to one of the outlets, and it was almost like speaking to someone who was part of a cult! There are too many manufacturers giving advice to their dealers on how to extract high prices from the public, by using words such as, Top Quality, Eco, Durable, FSC, PEFC, Superior, Excellent, and the Best!


So!!!! How can you tell the Crap from the Quality?


Over the years, we have been able to spot companies that are here today and gone tomorrow, we are also able to spot a quality log cabin from that of the Bulk market that litters our market and the gardens of Europe.


Firstly, if a log cabin is worth its salts, it will have only quality windows and doors, yes, I am harping on again about the windows and doors, but they are the most important part of the cabin. Moreover, they must be standard, not an upgrade!


Our Windows and Doors on our new Range of Deluxe Log Cabins are not just absolutely amazing, they are truly the best windows and doors in the industry, and they are fantastic for the price. Also we are the only company that offers them standard now on a Garden Range.

I am sure you have done lots of calling around asking different companies about quality and what you get for the price.


Most will try their hardest to up sell to you and say that what they are offering is so much cheaper than everyone else for the price, but when you actually do the research you will find that their quality is on par to 99.9% of the other companies, and that you are actually being sold a pack of lies and not a pack of quality timber.



So Windows and Doors as we see are the most important part of a cabin, well actually the most important part of the cabin is the roof, but as we use the largest roof Purlins and thick roof boars in the business I am not too worried our roofs will come falling down any time yet, plus all our cabins walls have metal roods in them that come standard to tighten the construction down and make it stiff and secure, and that our 28mm floor board stops that springy bouncy effect it would have if the floor was 19mm which most companies tend to offer, (OK I am bragging),,, Yes windows and doors, are so important.


If you are thinking of running your business from a log cabin, and keeping it warm and dry through out the year, then sadly most log cabins, which are sold as standard log cabin, well 99.999% of the doors are not designed to keep heat in, or cold out!


If you look at most cabins, you will notice that part of the door, unless its fully glassed you will notice that it is made up of T&G timber boards, which are slotted together, now for a garden room, or a shed, it’s a cheap and great way of manufacturing the door.


We have been manufacturing this kind of door since we started 14 years ago, and for cost and ease of manufacturing, its a great way of keeping costs down, and sharing that low cost of construction with the public!


Our CEO has always grumbled about the windows and doors, he has always wanted to offer a top quality windows and doors, he used to shout from time to time that if only could offer a sprayed CE certified Window and Door set with every cabin for a sensible price, then hopefully the bulk manufacturers would have to sit up and listen stop wasting timber and precious resources and offer better!


This has been a burning desire of our CEO Kevin for years, and when we opened our New Production Line, Kevin decided then that all the New Deluxe Range from the log size of 45mm and above would have only have CE certified quality windows and fully insulated quality CE doors, and that we would be the first company to offer these as Standard not an expensive upgrade, and to top it off, we would offer them sprayed to the customers choice.


So to the question at the beginning, how can you know what a quality log cabin is?


Easy… CE certified argon filled double glazed unites in the windows and doors, that your supplier offers these as standard, that the door has an Oak Threshold, and that the tilt and turn mechanism on the windows is a of a residential quality, not push this, pull that and twist this, just to then open it.


You need 28mm flooring; large purlins that sit 90 degrees in the apex, but most of all you need quality through out and to top it off great pricing.


I think you can agree that for any company to compete against CE certified, BM Trada Certified Double Glazed Windows and Doors, Sprayed to any colour you want, and offered in a standard Range of Log Cabins at almost the same price as most rubbish offered on the web !

Yes! We are completely and utterly mad!

Or are we???


Log Cabins LV the sensible choice!!!!


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Log Cabins LV Deluxe Range 2016

log cabins uk deluxe range 2016

quality log cabins, deluxe log cabins, log cabins, logcabin

Over the last 14 years log cabins have changed the way our gardens look, but are the log cabins offered good quality, how do you tell a great quality log cabin from a cheap and nasty massed produced one?


Simple if its not manufactured by us, its mass-produced.


In Jan 2016 Log Cabins LV will be offering our new Range of Deluxe Log Cabins.

Yes, I keep on harping on about the best quality windows and doors, and that we professionally spray them to any colour you wish!


Or that the manufacturing of these new deluxe log cabins are with out doubt top notch!

In addition, it has nothing to do with our timber quality; it’s the best of the best!

And that all the hardware is better than anything on a standard range of log cabins anywhere on the web!

What really makes these cabins amazing is the pricing!


There are German companies in the UK that sell very high quality log cabins, almost as good as ours but their pricing is ridiculously high.


If you want to purchase a log cabin that really does have the best windows and doors, engineered by skilled craftsman, and timber that really is a notch above the rest, then our Deluxe Range is worth waiting for.

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2016 Deluxe Log Cabins LV

Most Log Cabins look the same, prices for most are the same, and the materials used for construction are the same, or that is what the cabin industry wants you to believe.


However, the difference between our New Range of Deluxe Log Cabins for 2016 and what is available at present on the web is very much Chalk and Cheese!


70% of the cabin quality is very much the windows and doors, these determine very much the longevity of the log cabins life and in most cases windows and doors for standard log cabins offered on the internet are sadly lacking.


Log Cabins LV has for many years offered quality windows and doors to our log cabins from 44mm and above, tilt and turn double glazed as standard.


Now we are upping the game even higher, pushing the industry to see if they can follow and at our pricing. We are now not just offering our standard quality double glazed windows and doors, tilt and turn, we are now offering a far superior range of windows and doors with our new Range Of Deluxe Log Cabins for 2016.


Log Cabins LV were the first to offer Garden Log Cabins into the UK market, over the years we have tried monthly, yearly to offer better designs, keeping pricing down, and improving quality.


Our Standard double-glazed windows and doors are fantastic, but there is always room for improvement, there is always room for standards to raise and still keep prices as low as possible,


There is not one Log Cabin Company in the UK that is offering Residential Certified CE Double glazed Windows and Doors. As always, we are the first!


Also and this is a First, we will spray paint professionally all our Deluxe Log Cabin Windows and Doors, to your choice of colour!

All our doors come with a quality FSC approved Oak Threshold.


Please have a look at the photos attached, as you will notice there are no unsightly screws or nail on the fascia boards, inside or out, the tilt and turn mechanism is not a cheap “push this pull that” it’s a residential system, just turn the handle the CE certified window will open, or tilt and turn.

All our windows and doors are hand made from joinery pine, quality level is second to none!


Please look closely at how the Double Glazed CE certified units are mastic into the window and doorframes, this kind of Quality Level is never seen in the Log Cabin Industry!


Our Deluxe Windows and Doors are as always priced sensibly and will last twice as long as a standard log cabin window or door!


If you are looking for quality, longevity and sensible pricing, then the Deluxe Range of Log Cabins from log cabins lv should be your first and only choice!

Quality windows and doors from log cabins LV

Log Cabins Deluxe range LV

Delux windows and doors log cabins LV  15 Delux windows and doors log cabins LV  25 Delux windows and doors log cabins LV  01 Delux windows and doors log cabins LV  02 Delux windows and doors log cabins LV  03 Delux windows and doors log cabins LV  04 Delux windows and doors log cabins LV  05 Delux windows and doors log cabins LV  06 Delux windows and doors log cabins LV  08 Delux windows and doors log cabins LV  09 Delux windows and doors log cabins LV  10 Delux windows and doors log cabins LV  11 Delux windows and doors log cabins LV  12 Delux windows and doors log cabins LV  13 Delux windows and doors log cabins LV  14 Delux windows and doors log cabins LV  17 Delux windows and doors log cabins LV  18 Delux windows and doors log cabins LV  19 Delux windows and doors log cabins LV  20 Delux windows and doors log cabins LV  21


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