Budget Log Cabins VS Quality Log Cabins


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log cabins lv2 log cabins lv3As Europe and most of the world experience sever weather conditions, sadly some of the log cabins on sale are willfully inadequate to withstand minus 15 and the torrential rain that seems to blight us regularly now.

Interlocking log cabins in certain thicknesses find it impossible to keep out water, especially if high winds and torrential rain attack the structure relentlessly.

Massed produced cabins which are offered with budget windows and doors are normally the victim, and sadly there are too many companies now offering these. Look on the first page of Google, and have a look at what is on offer, and you will notice that 90% of all the cabins look the same, and when we mean the same, they are clones of one another.

There are up to 10.000 Log cabins a month sold in the UK, and there are 7 companies all mass producing the same styles, competing against one another to get your business, claiming that are the largest, cheapest, offering you to pay low deposits etc. They are trying to catch you whichever way they can, and sadly as all the cabins are looking the same, its price that wins!

But!! Do you really want a mass-produced log cabin?

Do you need a log cabin that falls apart, leaks in the winter is truly only worth half of its sale value?

Its easy to spot a massed produced cabin, the company will have a very small range!

Also bespoke cabins will take 6 to 10 weeks, and the companies will never have close ups of their windows and doors.

If you are looking for a quality log cabin, a cabin that really is top notch, a log cabin that might cost slightly more but lasts a lifetime, then our massive range of log cabins and timber buildings are for you.

Why Logcabins.lv.

Firstly, We have more dealers than any other manufacturer, so if you are looking for that personal touch, we are here!

We were the First ever company to manufacturer the unique design of Twin Skin Log Cabin system, The Clock House, The Garden Office, we were the first company to use CNC machines to manufacture the Interlocking logs, making them water proof and very sturdy!

We have the largest range of Residential Log Cabins, and Timber Frame Residential Park Homes, Timber Frame Mobiles Homes and Timber Insulated Cottages, Insulated Log Cabins, Insulated garden Office, Insulated Log Cabin Offices, Glulam Log Cabins, and our new Glulam Twin Skin Log Cabins and so more! Please visit www.logcabinslv.co.uk to find out why LV is the number one brand for quality timber buildings!


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