Garden Log Cabins

Our Garden Log Cabins are not just fantastic value for money, they are also amazing quality. With more than 14 years in the business, you can be sure we are here for the long haul.

We are the longest running Log Cabin Supplier in the UK!

Over the years we have seen literally hundreds of start up companies, selling log cabins at unbelievable prices, and giving 5 year guarantees, but then 2 years on, the company has gone bust, and there customers are left high and dry with problems galore, we have heard of absolute horror stories, bowed roofs, broken windows and doors, splitting wall logs to mention a few slight problems.


Planning Permission Explained by


Garden Log Cabins are used for so many different purposes; however, you must obey certain planning laws, listed below to help!


You can have a log cabin in your garden up to 4m or 13.4ft in height, if the cabin is more than two meters from the boundary fence from all sides, and must not exceed 30 sq meters

If the log cabin- Timber Building-Glulam Cabin is no more 2.5m or 8.25ft in height and is less than 2m or 6.6ft away from boundary, it is exempt from planning permission and please remember it must not exceed 30 sq meters, as it falls with in the permitted development law.


LogCabins.LV has the largest range of planning exempt buildings available in the industry. We also do not just have the largest range; we are able to offer all our range of planning exempt cabins in Glulam Timber Logs or our Graded Timber Frame and if you are looking to really have something special then our Scandinavian Log cabin type building-structure will put your garden very much on the map!


Log Cabins LV.. Do not settle for less!

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